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Buy Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone Store offers high quality jewelry with raw moonstone. Since the dawn of time, Man has always been fascinated by the famous star of the night. This magnificent gemstone is well known for its millennial benefits. You will be won over by one of our moonstone jewels thanks to its soft bluish reflections in the daylight!

buy moonstone jewelry

Our specialized store offers you high quality moonstone rings carefully selected respecting all the criteria of authenticity of this rare gem. The gemstone jewelry will bring you the benefits and meanings of the moonstone. Our moonstone rings and their natural stones will fulfill all your desires. For small budgets, you will also find cheap moonstone rings that will dazzle your eyes.

Our collection is composed of moonstone rings in 925 Sterling Silver, gold or rose gold to please the greatest number of people. These jewels are worthy of jewelry. Each model is made in a few copies, the photos represent the actual work created by the jeweler.

Among the many beauty accessories worn by gemstone lovers, there is the moonstone necklace. If you are wondering how to wear a moonstone, know that a necklace is probably the best way to wear it because the natural midnight blue adularescence of such a jewel is even more pleasant to wear around the neck because in addition to its beauty, you benefit from all its benefits on your spirituality. According to mineralogy experts, this gemstone also carries virtues for women, such as fertility.

The prices of our products vary according to the size of the stone and its quality. You are bound to find a moonstone pendant that will have the advantage of matching all the other jewelry in our moonstone store. Moreover, the shimmering effect offered by the moonstone distinguishes you at each of your outings because what shines cannot remain hidden.

If you are looking for a fine, delicate and refined jewel for her, moonstone earrings are ideal! Indeed, they allow to combine two very important things for a woman: the bright aestheticism and the beneficial properties of the moonstone. By choosing a jewel with a gemstone like a moonstone, you will add a high quality element to your jewelry collection. This precious stone has great durability, with no risk of tarnishing or oxidizing.

Whether you choose moonstone earrings for women with white, blue or rainbow shades, whether you complement it with amethyst, quartz or carnelian, the colors will always be appropriate because raw moonstone goes with all colors.

If you don't know what jewelry to choose, the best choice for you would be the moonstone bracelet. Simply because the bracelet gives you full access to all the spiritual properties of the stone. A bracelet made of rough moonstones allows for maximum stimulation of the chakra of the arm that wears it. From the point of view of splendor, moonstone bracelets are the ideal choice for wearing a moonstone.For those who wish to buy a moonstone bracelet, several models are available in our moonstone shop. This gemstone is used for lunar travel and the celebration of the full moon is known for its many spiritual virtues. It confers the same virtues to the bracelets that wear it giving them a priceless value.

Our gemstones from our moonstone warehouse are offered with a natural and pure adularescence, they are most often cut in cabochon or left as is on our jewelry. We offer stones of all sizes, moonstones of 4-5 carats are now difficult to find, we offer only a few. Depending on its variety and quality, moonstone can be semi-translucent to transparent, with hues ranging from white, to blue, to rainbow colors for the most luxurious pieces of jewelry in the store.

You may be wondering how to choose a moonstone jewelry. You may be confronted with a price difference depending on the quality of the moonstone, whether it is natural and rough. The price is determined by the beauty of the stone - the intensity of its color, its adularescence and its brilliance. A bright blue moonstone that glows when you move it costs much more than an opaque white specimen. The price is also influenced by the size of the natural mineral.

At Moonstone Store, you will only find rare natural moonstones from Sri Lanka or India. Moonstone belongs to the orthoclase family and is considered one of the rarest minerals in the world, you can enjoy all the benefits of this gemstone with our jewelry.

Our online store is the reference moonstone store for any moonstone jewelry purchase. If you are still wondering what a moonstone is, our many informative articles will inform you and you will know everything about this gemstone. Our team of jewelers offers a wide selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. We also offer a blog entirely dedicated to the history of moonstones and their benefits. This store is perfect if you are looking to buy or to offer a jewel to a friend. Each piece is unique and uses the expertise of our entire team of artisans.

Moonstone is usually cut in cabochon to be worn more easily as jewelry and thus benefit from its properties recognized in lithotherapy. Moonstone is formed by two feldspathic minerals: orthoclase and albite. They combine in alternating layers and once together present adularescence effects, that is to say a refraction of light that creates bluish-gray and silver reflections that glide over the stone and even sometimes rainbow-type reflections. You can opt for a thin bracelet with one or more moonstones, unless you prefer to choose a more imposing stone that will adorn a necklace. The moonstone also wears well on a ring. It goes very well with silver, rose gold, white gold or yellow gold which reveal all its beauty.

The benefits of moonstone in the form of jewelry have been known for hundreds of years by humankind. Moonstone favors, balances all the dimensions of the feminine in us. It brings tranquility and benevolence, allowing us to gently open up to life. It regulates our emotions, and brings calm to our somewhat brittle and overly mental tendencies. It is a raw stone allowing us to dream a little, when our reality seems to us as being too earthy. It assists in the regulation of the female cycle, calms skin irritations and is useful in case of recurrent inflammatory states. It contributes to relieve certain migraines.

Handmade and Unique Jewellery & Accessories.Welcome to Indie and Harper, a bohemian online jewelry store that gives gypsies everywhere the chance to own some of the most beautiful rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, toe rings and other accessories.

For centuries, this gorgeous and attractive-looking gemstone called natural moonstone jewelry has found great use in jewelry. Many ancient civilizations used moonstones as jewelry. The Roman people loved and respected this gemstone as they strongly believed that Moonstone was born out of rays of the moon. Also, this moonstone gemstone was connected with the lunar Gods.

Four important factors decide the price and value of any moon magic gemstone. These factors include color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The wholesale moonstone jewelry shimmers with style in the form of spectacular sterling silver moonstone earrings, rings, pendants, and necklaces. The moonstone magic jewelry is believed to support intuition power and good luck. It helps get inspired by positive things and brings success in love lives. The moonstone jewelry is also used for attaining protection in water and land.

The real moonstone jewelry set available at Gemexi is exclusive. Our sterling silver moonstone jewelry Collection displays overwhelming designs, including moonstone rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, etc. The wholesale dangle earrings in moonstone look trendy, while our moonstone stud earrings look neat and smart. Our Moonstone Jewelry near me offers designs of different tastes and qualities that steal hearts at first glance.

  • One of the most beautiful gemstones out there is definitely the moonstone. Known for its gorgeous sheen and beautiful textures, the moonstone is famous for rustic styles like the hippies or for the chic and minimalist styles. Visually, genuine moonstone jewelry resembles the image of moonlight falling on crystal clear water and gives a very soothing feeling. Its gorgeous shine makes it really stand out from the rest of the gemstones and when light falls on it, the beauty is multiplied manifolds. So how can you find out and buy real moonstone jewelry?The moonstone comes in several colors like blue, gray, pink, peach, green, brown, and white. You can pick out any of these as all the moonstone jewelries are very pretty. You should understand the other factors that govern which moonstone jewelry you should buy. Clarity

  • Clarity is an important factor. You will find many moonstone jewelry with tiny cracks on the gemstone like little inclusions. While this does not mean that the moonstone you have is of bad quality, but from a sales point of view, the clearer a moonstone is, the greater its value is. So if you are looking to invest in moonstone jewelry, remember to see how clear its surface is. Cuts

  • Cuts also determine the value of moonstones. They are commonly cut into beads, cabochons or faceted. The best and closest to real cut is the cabochons, however even faceted is very famous right now. It makes ones of the best quality moonstone jewelry as it can really hide the inclusions present on the surface. The rose cut is also very popular as it accentuates the texture and color of the stone while adding more angles and depths to the stone. Carats

Just like all other jewelry and gemstones, moonstones are also quantified in carats. As they are available in both small and large sizes, jewelers prefer 1 to 5 carats that are easily available too. If you go up to larger and clearer stones, then they can also be of 15 to 20 carats, but they are very rare and highly expensive. They are not common for people to buy, so as a retailer, expect to buy a moonstone between 1 to 5 carats. Significance of moonstonesMoonstones are very high in value when it comes to the subject of crystal healing. Moonstones are considered to be very powerful and they contain great healing properties. For women, moonstones can help them get closer to their feminine side. They can clarify the thoughts in women and help them grow their intuition. For people who are really afraid to change, moonstones can help them accept the truth and be more welcoming towards changes. Moonstones are also known to have a positive impact on the mind by encouraging clarity, peace and calmness.Whether you are a direct customer or a retailer, knowing the significance of moonstones can help you steer your buying decision. Where to buy real moonstones from? RealNow the real question comes, which is: where to buy real moonstones? The market is full of duplicate products that most people can fall in the trap of. But moonstones can be bought online at great deals if you can find the right website. Genuine clients and websites like Gemexi sell genuine moonstones and you can also purchase wholesale gemstone jewelry from their website at cheap rates. From easy delivery to on-site discounts, you can never go wrong with jewelry shopping from Gemexi. 041b061a72

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