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Buy Vic Firth Drumsticks Online

30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (only valid for online orders): The buyer has the right to return the products within 30 days. The products must be in original condition, unused and in original packaging. The shipping costs are not refundable and are paid for by the buyer. The products may be changed for other goods, or the money is refunded to the buyer.Refund does not apply to: - sound, video and software media (DVD, video, CD) with stripped welded packaging - sheet music - used strings, reeds, mouthpieces etc.- any other items which have visible marks of usageFor returned items, that have visible marks of usage or have damaged original packaging we reserve the right to adequate usage charge.

buy vic firth drumsticks online


The Vic Firth N5BN NOVA Drum Stick is a pair of drumstick from Vic Firth with wooden teardrop tip. The N5BN NOVA drumstick is exclusive for both beginners and professional drummers. And, it is readily available online for all drum lovers to buy; plus, at the cheapest prices in India. 041b061a72

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