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Forensic Science: An Introduction To Scientific...

CJA 214 - Introduction to Forensic Science4 Credit(s) This course is an introduction to forensic science, crime scene investigations, physical evidence, and legal aspects of evidence, and is designed for all students interested in forensic science. The student will learn how to process crime scenes, the types of physical evidence that may be encountered, and how evidence is analyzed in the laboratory. Emphasis will placed on the interpretation of analytical test results as the as they relate to the limitations of the evidence itself, how the evidence was collected, the case context, and other factors. The student will have hands-on laboratory exercises in analyzing and comparing physical evidence. Critical thinking and the application of the scientific method will be emphasized in all laboratory exercises. Class concepts will be reinforced with actual case examples whenever possible. Lab included.Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

Forensic Science: An Introduction to Scientific...

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Students get a real feel for what it takes to be a modern-day detective in this basic introduction to forensic science. The first activity begins with a crime scene and the identification of suspects based on an eyewitness report and 'video stills' of the crime in progress. 'Physical evidence' found at the scene of the crime is scientifically analyzed. This kit provides an introduction to cells, cell structure, and magnification. Students use this information to construct a 'chromosome' model with color-coded 'genes' representing some physical traits of the suspects. The process of DNA mapping and DNA fingerprinting is carefully explained. Students then read simulated DNA x-ray films to positively identify the perpetrators of the crime. Material in this kit is reusable. Includes Teacher guide, student sheets, and assessment questions. 041b061a72

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