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Toshiba Crack Bios Hard Drive Password Utility ((TOP))

After you have removed the CMOS battery, reseat the Jumper on board and turn on the power, press the key CAPS LOCK when you see the Toshiba screen the first screen (CRKLN). You will be prompted with a Toshiba screen asking if you want to "Press F2 or press ESC/Del or CTRL + F2". At that point you should see the Toshiba login screen if the BIOS screen was password protected. NOTE: If you were unable to see the Toshiba login screen or a BIOS screen with a password, try changing the jumper back to 0 and reseating the CMOS battery. If you are still unable to access the BIOS screen or the Toshiba login screen, you will need to contact the manufacturer for a password reset.

toshiba crack bios hard drive password utility

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Normally on a desktop this would be very easy to do. This is to set a keyboard password so no one else can login in. This is for security or you could do this if you have kids and want them to be able to use the computer. On the laptop, if there is no password then you can just reset the CMOS battery. However if there is a password, then you have a different story. You can try the following steps, but it is better to contact Toshiba or the manufacturer for a password reset.

It is easier to get to the CMOS/Password by removing the CMOS battery, reseating the CMOS jumper, then connecting the AC Adapter, then turn on the laptop. Try to hit F2 key it may be missed. If the BIOS screen comes up, turn off the laptop. Turn off the AC Adapter, remove the CMOS jumper, then turn on the laptop. It should come up with the Toshiba screen. Next just make sure you are at the top right of the screen press Enter and the password screen should come up. Type in the password to set and it should be good to go. Then it is always good to cover up the screen so no one can see your password. Now for the laptop I suggest the below method. Is the laptop locked with a bios password? BIOS lock recovery A bios password is different from a hard drive password. All you have to do is remove the CMOS battery and reset the jumper. If the laptop is locked by BIOS password, then remove the cmos battery, reseat the jumper and turn on the laptop. Try to hit f2 key, it might be missed.

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