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The film opens with background information and story. The government would take crazy people, tie concrete blocks to them and watch them "float to the bottom." Not sure why, but that is the back story as a bunch of hard body teens head to the proverbial cabin in the woods by the lake. We already know the killer is a guy named Harry (Tom Latimer). At 45 minutes into the film, we know there is an added dimension coming.This is an 80's style slasher film. It has plenty of killing with a blade and lots of blood, but it is light on the gore special effects. It has the typical 80's nudity, a short lived strip poker game, and creepy caretaker. We also can easily figure out the "final girl." I liked it as good throwback entertainment. The dialogue was fine. Filler material included adults using a slip and slide which can only look fun in slow motion and bikinis. The film formula was missing the stop at the crazy local store owner played by either Sid Haig or Michael Berryman.The copy of "Crazy Lake" that I viewed had "Ripper Lake" as the title. Need to work on that.Guide: F-word. Nudity (Skyler Joy, Allis Bodziak, and thank you Libby Blanton) If you step on a rusty item that punctures the foot, a tetanus shot is normally in order. Just saying, but I'm not a doctor. I just played one growing up.

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