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Why Should Local Businesses Rely On Just Google And Facebook ((LINK))

When it comes to doing business, negative reviews can really hurt a small local company or large, national brand. Just as users rely upon positive online reviews to make their purchase decisions, they will avoid businesses that have negative comments or low star ratings. The below stats indicate just how expensive a negative review can be.

Why should local businesses rely on just Google and Facebook

When someone refers your business to another person, what's the first thing that's going to happen? Since over 90 percent of consumers depend on online reviews, expect people will first search for your business by name on Google to look specifically at your five-star rating. This is a real opportunity for a number of business owners for two reasons. First, over 50 percent of businesses haven't claimed their Google local listing, so when a user searches for the brand they can't find what they need. Second, having 10 written reviews is the minimum number you should have to make sure people trust your business profile.

For all those businesses that rely on the local community, such as hair salons, car mechanics, and restaurants, a local SEO strategy is a necessity. The only way they can get new customers through the door is by promoting their businesses within the immediate area.

It is often the case that the best way to get your business noticed online is to create a great site that is user friendly. Your site should be easy to navigate and contain up to date information about your business. Also, ensure that your URLs are SEO friendly. The on-page SEO for local businesses can help ensure that your business is displayed in search results when people search for your products and services.

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