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Wwe Wrestlemania 29 Full Show Hd Free Download [NEW]

From the opening of the show, which was great, the crowd was going absolutely crazy and having a ball. There is nothing more magic than being in a arena packed with thousands of people and having an incredible vibe and atmosphere and people loving you. The crowd at The Show were on their feet whenever anyone hit a move. They were cheering when Shawn Michaels got a few on the floor. They were cheering when Stephanie McMahon & Stacy Keibler were there (they had long blond hair and they looked like sisters). They didn't understand what "Rocky" meant but they liked it. They were yelling "Ol The Rock!" whenever Triple H came out. When Bret Hart & X-Pac came out they were seeing Bret for the first time and they were very impressed. It was the best arena they ever played in, they felt at home and the crowd were so much fun to be with. They went absolutely crazy when Triple H did the size. They were going nuts when Shawn Michaels did his signature moves and when he did his super kick and that was the best show they've ever had. And then when The Rock came out the crowd was roaring and they were so happy to see him, they were standing, clapping and rocking and didn't even know how to react because it was so great to see The Rock. Then he hit his slam and they went so crazy. He did the theme song like he used to do it in WWF. I was really crying. It was an amazing night that I will never forget.

Wwe Wrestlemania 29 Full Show Hd Free Download

The padding on the seats is torn apart, the carpets are in disarray, the center aisle is blocked off with a dozen or so tables stacked in front of the stage and the rectangular stage itself is covered in tarps and cardboard. Some seats on the side have been flattened. It is clearly visible that the place is going to become unsafe in another few months as the roof collapses. If it does not attract an accident, the neighbors will call it a second New Year's Rockin Eve. The toilets, which are uncovered and absolutely disgusting, are open and the showers all have no doors. Waitresses barely out of high school ask customers for 20 bucks to get into the club and then run all of the waiters and bartenders in the house. On the whole the night was a bust. I wouldnt recommend anybody going there if they can help it. It is a disco of sorts. At the door the bouncers are kids not much older than my kids. On New Years Eve they had a gentlemen named Ken there who I feel pretty confident would have been killed in any other location for no more than what a few people paid to drink and then there is the problem of the bouncers. It was the weirdest club Ive ever been to and Ive been to some bad ones. I would definatly not recommend going there unless it is a total debacle and you are completely wasted. Theres no buzz, no energy and as I said before, it is filthy. Like I said, safety be damned. The only redeeming aspect is that there is no security.

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