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Buy Promise Rings Online

Our store associates fulfill orders as soon as possible and will work hard to have your order ready within 4 business hours. To avoid delays at the store, please wait until you receive an email confirming your order is ready for pick up before visiting the store. We promise it won't be long!

buy promise rings online

When it comes to buying sterling silver promise rings, we offer a wide variety of products to choose from. Available in different styles, colors, designs and finishes, our products meet the aspirations of different people in a perfect way.

You can offer a pleasant and unbelievable surprise for your girlfriend with our classy silver promise rings. Our pricing is the best in the industry and we offer excellent discounts for our products to serve our customers responsibly. You can smooth and painless financial transaction with us. Shipping is done instantaneously to meet your emergency needs.

Honour your pledge of love with a diamond or gemstone promise ring. Available in gold and sterling silver, find couple's rings, engraved styles or traditional diamond designs that celebrate your loving commitment.

So, what is a promise ring? A promise ring is also known as a pre-engagement ring and it signifies that the person is in a monogamous relationship. A promise ring can be worn on a necklace or on the left ring finger, however it may be confused as an engagement ring. In some cultures the ring is worn on the middle finger or on the right ring finger to eliminate any confusion. So you can save your great aunt from fainting when could assume that she was not informed of an engagement when in fact there was not one. Yet!

When you think of relationship rings , one may not think of them for men, however promise rings for men are quite well known. For example, the Claddagh ring is an Irish traditional ring. It explains a lot depending on which finger it is worn and the direction it faces. It immediately signifies the status of the relationship in regards to love, friendship, and loyalty. That is a wonderful way to show the world your personal status without having to say a word.

There are many types of promise rings for women and the GLAMIRA promise ring collection has a wide array of styles and designs to choose from. You can customize and personalize your promise ring to suit your own style and flair! There is a promise ring that promises you will be loved even more than ever. Just browse the website and find the ring that matches your love or your current means. When you give a ring as a gift, you are giving more than metal and stone. You are giving a part of your heart. Something that you won't do lightly. So the ring you give should also share that as well.

Are you a true and serious couple? Then why not look for matching promise rings that suit who you are deep down inside. That sharing everything with each other is the most important thing to do. When you have matching rings, there is a feeling of that perfect balance in the universe. A balance that can be signified with these two little rings. Two little rings that float around this big universe and meet each other with a smile, a kiss, and a hug.

Apart from matching promise rings, there are also heart promise rings. Heart promise rings are heart-shaped promise rings. A promise is made by the heart and you can carry that heart on your ring. Glamira enables you to determine the shape, color and the size of the heart and then put it on your ring according to your choices.

You hear a lot of terms for promise rings. There are even commitment rings which are promise rings as well. You can order your custom rings no matter what you call them. Do you want just silver rings? Or how about gold? Gold is available in yellow, rose and white. Moreover, you can have diamond and ceramic promise rings So you have many choices to make, but once you have, GLAMIRA takes care of the rest creating the perfect ring or rings for you and your love.

Want to go a step further on customizing your rings? How about making personalized promise rings by adding engraving of names, dates or any words you wish. It is all up to you. Customizing is a wonderful way to add something to the ring you choose, if your budget limits you in carat, why not write something inside that will be worth more than a thousand carats! Still can't decide? Call GLAMIRA's helpful staff to answer any of your questions.

Hey guys, these days it is difficult trying to keep up to date with all the fads and customs. So if you are looking for a promise ring for your girlfriend, you have come to the right place. With just a few clicks or taps, is all it takes to find, select, and order a beautiful promise ring for her. Best of all, your sweetie will think you are the brightest star in the universe when the promise ring you created for her arrives and makes her finger sparkle. Sparkling just like her eyes, the ones that caught your heart the first time you saw her. You can even choose from heart promise rings and be an even bigger star. Hero material is made from each and every one of us guys using GLAMIRA's website.

So, now you know the meaning of the promise ring. It means you are a step closer to the engagement. It means you look at no other, you look at the one that holds your hand. The one that will wear your ring. What a pretty story you have. And that story will be known by everyone who sees that ring! When you are together or apart, the ring will show the world that you are happy and in love. A ring that is like a little hug on your finger. Nothing feels better than being reminded of the one who loves you.

One last note is that if giving her a ring makes you a bit queasy, maybe then you should search the collection of promise rings for him and her. That might take off a little pressure for sure by selecting from GLAMIRA's promise ring set collections. As always, when you order rings from GLAMIRA, you can arrange to have your promise rings engraved. Remember, if you have any questions, you can call for support in any and every step of the way. It never hurts to have someone guiding you through this first time purchase.

After passing the promise stage, you and your partner will probably move further to the wedding stage. At that stage, you will be responsible for designing and purchasing a wedding ring. Wedding ring is an indicator of marriage. By wearing the promise rings, the partners made their commitments to each other.Then, they promise to get married with wedding rings.

Our promise designed rings are enhanced with beautifully cut diamonds and designed for a minimal look. They come in a variety of shapes including, round, princess, baguette, oval, pear, marquise and emerald cut. Our customisation service will allow you to pick from a choice of 4 metals.

Our collection of diamond promise rings are some of the most elegant and understated in our online showroom. The refined profiles and subtle silhouettes of each piece can be fully customised to craft a ring that is unique to its wearer, for a one-of-a-kind treasured gift.

Choose from silver, white, yellow and rose-toned gold and platinum precious metals that can be matched to an existing jewellery collection or for a standalone promise ring to be worn on either hand. A prong setting diamond promise ring allows the stones in its claw to capture light from every angle, sparkling more brightly. When combined with more solid channel set diamonds around the shank, the effect is breathtaking.

For those who love contemporary designs, plain channel settings or grounded full bezels appear sleek and modern. If a delicate style of promise ring is preferred, micro-pave settings and illusion settings, which incorporate decorative metalwork to frame your choice of natural or lab-created diamonds, evoke vintage jewellery. No matter what diamond ring you choose, Diamonds Factory makes it easy to find and order straight to your home.

Our selection includes a range of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold rings, that have been designed by a team of masters jewellers with one goal in mind- to help celebrate your love. The beauty of a Secrets promise ring is they can be styled up with some stacker rings, or complete a matching set with a pendant, or stud earrings.

Naturally, you will move beyond promise rings and eternity rings, and when you are ready, let Secrets Shhh offer our expertise in engagement rings, wedding sets and bridal bands. Speak to one of our highly experienced sales professionals in one of our Australian based jewellery stores or connect with us online.

The promise rings come in a pair, so it should not be too feminine or too masculine when it comes to design. Ergo, the contemporary, minimalistic designs are ideal for a couple. You can go for rings with a single gemstone, rings with a knot or twist, or engraved heart rings. There are also band rings that look quite classy and elegant on both men and women.

You can choose promise rings made of precious or artificial metals. You can buy a pair of promise rings made of gold, silver, or platinum. Also, you can buy a pair made of alloy, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, or stone, among other metals. Buying promise rings is an investment made for a commitment of a lifetime, so choose the metal carefully. 041b061a72

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