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Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Download PC Game !!LINK!!

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 is a run-and-gun platform game developed by Fatshark and published by Capcom. A sequel to the Bionic Commando Rearmed, it features enhancements to protagonist Rad Spencer's bionic arm, which he primarily uses to grapple to and swing from objects. New bionic enhancements include abilities such as hacking data terminals, a powerful uppercut, and firing grenades.

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 Download PC Game

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The game's plot revolves around a dictator named General Sabio and a missing commander from Spencer's organization, Colonel Brubaker. Spencer and a team of four other bionics are sent to locate Brubaker and his platoon and help them complete their mission of disarming Sabio's missiles. The team's original mission evolves as the bionics, split into three teams, face opposition greater than they have previously faced. Reception from critics was lukewarm. Some critics praised the new gameplay mechanics, while others felt that it was a step down from its predecessor.

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 features many of the action gameplay elements from the original Rearmed. The game is played from a 2.5D perspective, with players being able to move horizontally and vertically. The protagonist is equipped with a bionic arm that can be used to grapple onto scenery, allowing the player to ascend or to swing to otherwise unreachable areas. The arm can also be used as a defensive mechanism, allowing the player to grab barrels and enemies and use them as shields, and to repel larger enemies. Rearmed 2 changes traditional mechanics slightly, requiring users to press a button to release the arm from its hold point, allowing players to user their momentum to swing in any desired arc.[1]

Rearmed 2 also features new gameplay mechanics. Some of these were first introduced in the 2009 action-adventure game Bionic Commando. These include the ability to jump and maneuver known as Death From Above in which the player slams into the ground upon landing from a fall, causing a shockwave to affect nearby enemies.[4] Once the game is completed players may opt to activate the game's Retro mode which disables the ability to jump.[5] Players can also climb over small obstacles, or onto slightly higher elevations.[6] Entirely new to the series are Components; items and attributes that can be equipped to enhance the player character. Components include a grenade launcher attachment for the bionic arm and a passive heath regeneration ability.[4] The player can upgrade or change Spencer's abilities in the enhancements screen during gameplay. Also, new to the series will be the ability to enter a scanning mode known as Bio Vision. While in this mode players can search for secrets and scan facts about enemies and locales which may help them progress through the game.[7][8]

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 takes place a few years after Bionic Commando Rearmed and prior to 2009's Bionic Commando.[4] In the game, a dictator named General Sabio from the Papagayan Islands threatens to attack the FSA, protagonist Rad Spencer's organization. The FSA sends Colonel Brubaker to confront the dictator, but Brubaker disappears shortly after arriving. In response, a team of five bionics, including Spencer, are sent to combat the threat and locate Brubaker.[6] The group arrives on the islands via helicopter and divides into three teams, Spencer, being the commander, operates alone while the other teams operate in pairs.[1]

In the game's epilogue the player learns that initially the public was grateful for the bionics' service, but soon began to be fearful and distrust the bionics as more details of the conflict were revealed. The bionic program was ordered to be disbanded and all implants removed or disabled. The player also learns that Super Joe placed the weight of the conflict on Spencer, something that would later drive him to his villainous ways in the future.[1]

The title originally started development under GRIN, who had developed the previous title. When the company folded four months into development, Fatshark took over, having worked with GRIN previously on other games.[15][16] Some key employees worked with Fatshark following the closing of GRIN. Simon Viklund, creative director on the first Rearmed was hired as a creative advisor to the Fatshark team.[16] Of his position with Fatshark, Viklund remarked, "They were taking over things mid-project and I worked as a creative advisor during the hand-over to tell them what they were looking at."[16] Viklund further stated that the original design for the game involved events beyond the existing plot. "I wanted to start off there and end up in a city in the FSA where everyone can see a bionic fighting. [I thought it would be] a nice way to convey that now everyone will see that bionics can't always be controlled."[16] He noted that this would be an event in which the public would notice the dangers of bionics and seek to outlaw them.[16]

Brett Elston of GamesRadar felt that the game seemed to be "a scaled-back version" of the original Rearmed. He felt the levels were "watered down" and cited poor frame rate issues.[38] Reviewer Jobert Atienza of stated that "In many respects, it's exactly what I would expect from a follow-up: more of the same with minor enhancements. At the same time, it is just more of the same with some enhancements, but Fatshark seemed to be aiming to make the best damn sequel they could...just without rocking the boat too much."[10] GameSpot's Tom McShea gave the game a poor review, criticizing unresponsive controls and cheap deaths.[26] Bryan Vore of Game Informer praised the game's varied environments and the new jump mechanics, but noted that some of the boss battles did not make creative use of the bionic arm's abilities like the original Rearmed.[12]

Rearmed follows Nathan "Rad" Spencer, a commando with a bionic left arm that can extend and be used as a weapon, or to swing from various objects. Spencer is sent to destroy a weapon known as the Albatross project under construction by the Badds. The game was developed using Grin's Diesel engine and features in-game art by Shinkiro. Music for the game was composed by Simon Viklund and consists largely of remixed versions of the original music. The soundtrack was released on May 27, 2008 by Sumthing Else Music Works.

Rearmed was well-received by critics, who praised the updated gameplay, graphics and faithfulness to the original, with some calling it one of the best downloadable games available on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. A sequel, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, was released in February 2011.

Spencer traverses several areas, eliminating many Imperial leaders along his way. As he progresses, he finds new technology and travels deeper behind enemy lines. The plot culminates as Super Joe is rescued from the bionic Imperial soldier Gottfried Groeder, and both Spencer and Joe set out to destroy the Albatross project. During the mission, Spencer encounters "The Leader", the resurrected head of the Imperial forces. Spencer defeats The Leader, and together with Super Joe destroys the Albatross. The game ends with both heroes hanging onto a helicopter, flying off as the Albatross explodes.

While Bionic Commando Rearmed remains mostly true to its NES counterpart, a number of gameplay enhancements were made. A health bar replaces the game's original health system of a limited health pool which grows after collecting bullets from defeated foes. Players collect health items from enemies to restore health, as opposed to the original system which involved earning more hit points. Defeating enemies with full health now awards players extra points, encouraging players to avoid being hit in order to obtain high scores. Players can extend Spencer's bionic arm to grab oil barrels and throw them at enemies, or use them as temporary shields. Weapons can now be changed instantly during gameplay, as opposed to being limited to one weapon per mission.[3][4] Boss battles have also been redesigned. Each battle now makes unique use of Spencer's weaponry and bionic arm. In one example, the player must latch the arm to a screw on the boss character's vehicle, then pull back to expose a weak point in the armor. Additionally, the final boss battle has been extended to a complete level as opposed to the ending sequence of one.[5] Hacking into enemy communications now involves navigating a three-dimensional puzzle as opposed to simply choosing to hack.[3] New to the remake are Challenge rooms which involve using the bionic arm to traverse a course as quickly as possible.[3] Force feedback has been implemented when using the bionic arm, firing weapons, and other events.[4]

Developers found that adjusting the original gameplay to a 3D engine required dismissal of conventional physics. For example, the player cannot walk past a barrel placed in their way, however they are able to swing through the object. "The swing mechanic [is] based on the original [and so is] totally physically incorrect," noted Gameplay Programmer Bertil Hörberg.[9] Hörberg stated that the character always swings at the same speed and releases at the same angle regardless of player input. Weapons were also redesigned, with each weapon being rebalanced. "In the original [players get] the rocket launcher and [use it] for the rest of the game" stated Viklund.[9] All of the weapons were redesigned to be useful in some form, and can now all be taken into combat, whereas previously only one weapon could be selected per area.[9] Boss characters received not only a visual redesign, but the fights were redesigned as well to make use of Spencer's bionic abilities and weaponry. Viklund noted players "need to use the arm to beat the boss".[7]

Challenge rooms were born of a desire to enhance the game's neutral zones. "The neutral zones in the original game weren't that interesting, so I starting thinking we could add an obstacle course in each one", Viklund said.[8] "The bionic arm is such an unconventional mechanic that we really wanted to explore everything that it could offer", added Level Designer Viktor Viklund.[8] Viktor Viklund cited inspiration from several NES games, including Solomon's Key, Wrecking Crew, and Ice Climber, adding that the concept was "very basic, very short stages."[8] The game's soundtrack consists of remix versions of the original NES tracks, arranged by Simon Viklund. He described the arrangements as "the same melodies and harmonies but with a more modern sound."[8] 041b061a72

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