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Buy Asus Zenbook Ux330ua !FULL!

Hi Andrei. Thanks for you answer.One of my French folks who just bought this zenbook configuration told me this afternoon that the one he has doesn't have any angle dark view problem. For him this panel is definitely an IPS.And he gave me these specs from Asus website for the UX330UA :

buy asus zenbook ux330ua

is it good to buy kabylake version of Asus ux330?and Asus is cheaper so I think I can get the extended warranty under my budget.on paper for me both seems to be powerful , hope u had hands on n worked with both ,what u would suggest (value for money).?and Amazon says ux330 has the fingerprint sensor. is that included in new kaby version ? i can't see that in asus site.

On the site can find the specifications of the new UX330CA.In the overview is also stated:The touchpad also incorporates an advanced fingerprint sensor for fast, easy and secure login* with the remark:*Fingerprint sensor feature not available on all modelsI see as a great advantage the fanless design but at the same time a disadvantage if you want to use the laptop for your own advanced photo and video processing. Wish you succes with your choice aravind!

Did you experience heating issues and thermal fan kicking in too frequently even on lighter web browsing. I am facing this issue. They have rolled out a BIOS update for this but that is valid only for BIOS model number:UA not UAK. Unfortunately my BIOS model is UAK. Check your BIOS is UA model, you can update your BIOS. The update clearly says it is for Thermal Policy.

Im torn between asus 330/305, dell xps 13 and the yoga 900 and the decision would be primarily based on which one can handle this tiny bit of editing that i need to do. Your observation about the lack of tilt in the monitor for asus has put me off somewhat.

Is the rose gold edition not available in the US or something? I am searching high and low for a non black or non silver one and I have come up empty! Also debating between the Asus ux310ua and the ux330ua, will be using it for medical billing and coding school can anyone help?

I brought a ux330ua as a mini-upgrade from my ux305, these are the things I noticed:I'm missing keys all the time, I tested the keyboard and I noticed that when you press the key just in the corner is not recorded, this doesn't happens with my ux305. Somebody else also noticed this and made a video, not very frequently, the fan starts to make rattling noise even on idle, the only way to stop it it's to close the lid. 041b061a72

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